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Quit Smoking using Hypnosis



If quitting smoking is on your to do list, don't wait any longer. Imagine being able to have the lifestyle and capability to spend more time with your children and grandchildren! The knowing that you can do what you like without having a craving interrupt you! 

Quitting Smoking using Hypnosis has never been more accessible and easy! 

Don't take it from me though, check out our testimonials further down this page!


How It Works

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During our meeting, we will go over all the available options for you to quit smoking using hypnosis!

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We will work together to set up a meeting that works with your schedule. It is an hour long free consult!

We do group sessions!

These sessions are less custom, however if you're looking for a more cost friendly option, you may want to try it!


What Kawartha Quitters are Saying!

"It has been almost 5 months since I stopped smoking (after 30 years)."

- Katie


Our Mission

Our mission is to help create a thriving, healthy community throughout the Kawartha Lakes!